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This Page is mainly for you Researchers who can't find that Certificate you so desperately need,
this is one that will make you think there's still a chance you can find the one you have searched for all this time.
I should tell you that the Marriage index dose show this Certificate for the correct people but when you receive it you would think you have the wrong one.
This was found as is in the Parish registers of Shoreditch London.

William Middlestorb and Beatrice Barr Wedding Certificate

As you can see, but properly not be able to read
so I'll print it out
In Entry no 164
Col 2 for William Bryant Middleton read William Middlestorb
Col 3  For 26 read 29 For 34 read 35
Col 7 for Middle ton read middlestorb
Corrected on the June 25th 1905
by he Henry Cecil, Vicar of Shoreditch.
In the presance of R W James superintendent registar
and Cecilia Cousins and Alice Amelia Myers

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